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iProX is an integrated proteome resources center in China, which is build to accelerate the worldwide data sharing in proteomics. iProX is composed of a data submission system and a proteome database. This submission system is set up following the data-sharing policy of ProteomeXchange consortium. Registered users can submit their proteomic datasets to iProX in public or private modes. iProX will facilitate the data analysis and sharing for proteomics study.
For compatibility purpose, please use FireFox27+ or Chrome32-41. It's recommended to download the original browser installers from the official website, or you can download the browsers from our website
When using iProX, please cite the following reference:
Ma J, Chen T, Wu S, Yang C, Bai M, Shu K, Li K, Zhang G, Jin Z, He F, Hermjakob H, Zhu Y. (2019) iProX: an integrated proteome resource. Nucleic Acids Res, 47, D1211-D1217.
Please refer to iProX data license and CNHPP data license (in Chinese).

iProX Basic Statistics

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Submit Data to iProX

iProX employs a web-based process of filling experimental information and uploading data files. iProX encourages and welcomes users to submit their proteome experiment raw data and meta-data, as well as protein and peptide identifications, which is to be published in peer-reviewed publications.

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